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911 Cancer Fund Adds Prostate Cancer and New Rare Cancers

The 911 Cancer Fund has added several cancers to the list of “covered conditions” now eligible for compensation, including prostate cancer 911. After the World Trade Center Health Program conducted extensive research— including epidemiological studies of September 11, 2001 exposed populations and systemic literature searches—the Center found a basis to include both prostate cancer and a number of rare cancers.

Prostate Cancer 911 and Compensation

In 2012, when cancers were first added to the list of covered conditions eligible for compensation from the 911 Victim Compensation Fund (now known as the 911 Cancer Fund), the list did not include prostate cancer. Prostate cancer among 911 responders was not considered significant.

Now, due to overwhelming evidence of increased rates of prostate cancer in first responders (such as firemen and rescue and recovery workers), the 911 Cancer Fund added prostate cancer 911 to the list of covered cancers eligible for compensation. This allows for many individuals who were not covered before to come forward and file a claim for pain and suffering, lost wages, and past medical expenses, among other claims.

Which Cancers Are Rare According to the 911 Cancer Fund?

When the list of cancers was added in 2012, rare cancer was listed as an ill-defined category and many individuals did not know whether their rare cancers were covered. But in February 2014 the World Trade Center Health Program provided a clear definition of rare cancers along with a non-exhaustive list of cancers such as pancreas cancer, cervix cancer, and several others, which was adopted by the 911 Cancer Fund.

Now, the 911 Cancer Fund considers a rare cancer, “any type of cancer that occurs in less than 15 cases per 100,000 persons per year,” and again a non-exhaustive list helps claimants determine if they are eligible. This is hopeful news for many individuals who wanted to apply for compensation from the 911 Cancer Fund but were unsure if their cancer was covered.

911 Cancer Fund Registration Deadlines

The 911 Cancer Fund has given those diagnosed with these newly listed cancers more time to register with the Fund. For instance, an individual diagnosed with prostate cancer 911 on or before October 21, 2013 (the date prostate cancer was added to the 911 Cancer Fund) has until October 21, 2015 to register with the 911 Cancer Fund. A person diagnosed with prostate cancer after October 21, 2013 has two years from the date of diagnosis to register (but cannot register later than October 3, 2016).

Similarly, an individual with rare cancer that meets the above definition who was diagnosed on or before February 18, 2014 has until February 18, 2016 to register with the 911 Cancer Fund, and two years from the date of diagnosis if diagnosed after February 18, 2014 (again no later than October 3, 2016).

The registration process is a relatively simple one, which is followed by a longer more complicated process of proving and filing your eligibility and compensation claim. Many see the benefits of hiring a 911 Cancer Fund attorney to aid them with the often convoluted process.  Ultimately, many are now relieved to know that they have more time to register and file their 911 Cancer Fund claim.

UPDATEDeadline to Register a 9/11 Cancer Claims Extended

The Special Master has extended the deadline for 9/11 cancer victims to register and file claims with the Victim Compensation Fund. Don’t procrastinate – find out if you are eligible for compensation.

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