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9/11 Prostate Cancer Claims, Register Now!

Individuals who were exposed to the toxins from the smoke and dust after 9/11 are more likely to develop certain cancers, such as prostate cancers, and those who have a 9/11 prostate cancer claim should register with the 9/11 Fund immediately.

9/11 Prostate Cancer Not on the Original List

9/11 related cancers were not on the original list of covered conditions when the Zadroga Act began in 2012. Later, the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund added cancers, but neglected to include prostate cancer as a covered cancer. However, in October 2013, prostate cancer was added to the list and many first responders, residents and others who had previously been diagnosed with prostate cancer registered with the 9/11 Fund in order to be compensated for their pain and suffering and lost earnings.

But the deadline to register these 9/11 prostate cancer claims for those who were diagnosed before October 21, 2013 is fast approaching. Those individuals must register with the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund by October 21, 2015! If you were diagnosed with prostate cancer after October 2013, you can register with the 9/11 Fund within two years of the date of your diagnosis. But those who want to file a claim should do so immediately, as the Special Master of the 9/11 Fund is urging people to file their claims ASAP in order to be fairly compensated!

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UPDATEDeadline to Register a 9/11 Prostate Cancer Claims Extended

The Special Master has again extended the deadline for 9/11 cancer victims to register and file claims with the Victim Compensation Fund. Don’t procrastinate – find out if you are eligible for compensation.



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